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Artiest/auteur: LZ7
Type: CD
Artikelnummer: FIER6057
EAN: 5019282605723
Verschenen: 10-10
Rap & Dancegroep uit Manchester, gestart in 2005.

Despite having scored over 130,000 You Tube views of the video for This Little Light, LZ7 are more than a temporary internet sensation.

The song itself is surely the best bit of pop to come out of the Church in the last decade, full of bounce and upward energy, and points to even greater depths of creativity and mission.

Their October album due for release with Kingsway is full of their trademark songs of substance - delivered with more energy and excitement than ever. From bounce-ups designed to pump up the good feelings, to slower tracks that engage and inspire, LZ7′s latest album cannot fail to deliver.

The album comes after a summer-long campaign designed to raise the profile not just of LZ7 but of the underground movement of Christians dedicated to letting their faith shine.

Shine Your Light has been encouraging young people to pledge - and then carry out -a set of simple tasks, and then film themselves in action and upload their videos to a main site.
Titel Preview
01. This Little Light
02. Amazing
03. Sold Out
04. Ditto
05. Superstar
06. The Greatest Day
07. Dance This Night Away
08. You
09. Fall At Your Feet
10. Come Alive
11. Party Time
12. 4 Points
13. This Little Light
14. This Little Light